9 ways to make your spirographs come to life!

‍When we think back to our childhood, the toys that come to mind are almost always those that let us explore our creativity and imagination. The Spirograph is one of these toys. It’s a drawing tool that can help you make beautiful designs by tracing circles. It’s also extremely addictive! Once you start playing with your Spirograph, it’ll be hard to stop. The following article has tips and tricks on how you can get the most out of your Spirograph — no matter what age you are or how old your kit may be. Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can play with this awesome piece of art making equipment!

1) Play Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe is one of the most classic games around. You can make a Spirograph version of it using graph paper and two colours of pens. Once you’ve made your board, use the Spirograph to draw the 9 circles. Once you’ve played a few games, make the boards larger so that the Spirograph circles can be used for another game — noughts and crosses! You can also make multi-player Tic-Tac-Toe boards with a bit of craftiness — just use 3 pencils and some paper clips to attach the boards together.

2) Try Sticker Art!

Sticker art is a fun way to play with your Spirograph. You can use your Spirograph to trace circles on white paper and then place the stickers inside the circles. You can use stickers of all different shapes, sizes, and colours to make really cool patterns! Once your pattern is finished, you can put your artwork in a notebook or frame it to hang on your wall. Another cool thing you can do is use your Spirograph to make a pattern on a T-shirt or bag. Just place the paper on the surface that you want to draw on, and then use your Spirograph to trace the circle. When you’re finished, remove the paper and place a piece of fabric over the Spirograph circle.

3) Use It to Practice Math Skills

If you’re a kid or an adult who wants to brush up on their math skills, a Spirograph is the perfect toy for you! You can use it to practice drawing circles of different sizes and then figuring out the radius of each circle — that’s the distance from its centre to the edge. You can use the radius of these circles to help you solve other math problems such as finding the area of a circle or finding the circumference of a circle.

4) Draw a Mandala

A mandala is a spiritual and ritual art that is used as a meditation or artistic expression tool. You can make a mandala with your Spirograph. For this project, you’ll need graph paper, a pencil, and coloured pens or pencil crayons. Start by drawing a circle with a radius of 6 inches. Then, divide the circle into 6 segments using a ruler and a pencil. Once you’re done, use coloured pens and markers to colour in the circle. Once you’ve coloured the entire circle, you can use your Spirograph to trace the mandala. Once you’ve finished, frame it or use it as wall decor in your room.

5) Create 3D Shapes

If you’re looking for a way to play with your Spirograph that’s a bit out of the box, you can use it to make 3D shapes. You can do this by using 2 sets of pens. First, draw a circle with your Spirograph, and then draw another circle inside of it using a darker colour of pen. When you’ve removed the centre circle, you’ll have created a 3D shape. You can use the centre circle as another 3D shape or keep it as a disc. You can use these discs to make shadow sculptures or even frame them and make a wall decoration! You can also use these discs to make a Spirograph mandala. Just use the discs to make a mandala, and then place the mandala on a piece of paper or a T-shirt.

6) Make a Disc Collage

A disc collage is a cool way of using your Spirograph to make art. To make this, you’ll need several discs, glue, and paper. Use the discs to trace a design or pattern on a piece of paper, and then fill in the traced circle with coloured markers or crayons. Once you’ve filled the circle with colour, you can use a glue stick to glue the discs to the circle. You can also use this method to frame your Spirograph mandala.

7) Trace a Drawing and Colour it in Photoshop

If you want to use your Spirograph to trace a drawing, you can trace it and then use Photoshop to colour it. First, take a black and white image of your drawing, and then print it out. Next, trace the drawing using your Spirograph, and then colour it in using Photoshop’s colouring tools. Once your drawing is finished, you can frame it or add it to a scrapbook.

8) Make Stained Glass Artwork

Stained glass is a beautiful form of artwork, but it’s very difficult to make. Luckily, you can use your Spirograph to make stained glass artwork. You can use the discs to trace a design on a piece of paper, and then place the paper on a piece of glass that has been painted with a coloured marker. When the design has dried, use a clothes iron to iron the design onto the glass. Once the glass is cooled, you can use it as wall art or make a stained glass window out of it!

9) Make Some Music With It!

If you’re a creative kid who loves music, you can use your Spirograph to make some music. You can use the discs to create a pattern on a piece of paper. Then, you can use the sound wave pattern to create a song in a music creation tool, such as GarageBand. You can also try to create a rhythm pattern with your Spirograph. You can use coloured pens to create different rhythms on a piece of paper by changing the thickness of the pen being used. Once you’ve got your rhythm pattern, you can use it to make music on a synthesizer.