How can we contact you?

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram or you can email me on spirographgirl (at) gmail.com

What tools do you use?

I use a number of Spirograph tools - you can find them at Kahootz toys.

I also use inspirograph for my digital designs.

Will you create a Spirograph work for me?

I am reluctant to create custom works, as they take a long time to make, however I will always consider a request.

Please email me with your colour ideas, size that you want, and any other details, and I'll send you a quote and my availability.

Please be aware that all my projects can take up to a year for completion, though this does depend on size.

How can I support you or buy your work?

First of all, thank you! You can find all my work and prints in my Shop or you can Buy me a coffee